Yuuki Menstrual Cups


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Yuuki Soft or Classic Menstrual Cup, in an infuser box with instructions

Yuuki menstrual cups are available in 2 different stiffness options - Soft and Classic.

Classic is made of harder silicone. The SOFT cup is softer and it will be convenient for women who were not satisfied with the CLASSIC cup. 

Small and large sizes are available in both stiffness options. 
Yuuki Cup is produced by a Czech company Silroc, specialising in health care products. The cup is manufactured from silicone to the highest quality approved for use in health care and food industries.

The Yuuki cup is produced in "clean room" for the production of medical products. The department is equipped with a separate entrance, anti static flooring and air conditioning. This specialized workplace prevents any risk of contamination. All manufacturing and control processes are carried out in full compliance with the ISO 9001 requirements.

Size One is designed for women before childbirth.

Size Two is designed for women after childbirth, or women over the age of 28.

Yuuki Softness Ratings:
Rainbow = Shore 35
Soft = Shore 40
Classic = Shore 60

Cup Length Stem Length Total Length External Diameter Capacity to the rim Material Country of Origin
Small 49mm 18mm 67mm 42mm 25ml Silicone Czech Republic
Large 55mm 20mm 75mm 47mm 37ml Silicone Czech Republic

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