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Ruby Cup: Because you deserve the best

Ruby Cup is a healthy, high quality, eco-friendly menstrual cup made from Medical Grade Silicone. Ruby Cup is reusable for up to 10 years and you can go up to 8 hours without emptying it. Every Ruby Cup comes with a small, 100% cotton bag for storage.

"Buy One Give One" and keep students in schools
Many school pupils are living in poverty and cannot afford menstrual hygiene products. Scared of leaking in public, they stay home from school during their period, missing about 20% of their school-time.
With every Ruby Cup purchase, a Ruby Cup is given to someone in need. One Ruby Cup is reusable for up to 10 years, meaning that they can pursue their education freely without worrying about periods. For pupils in Kenya, 1 Ruby Cup means 10 years of worry free periods and being able to fully commit to education.

Ruby Cup is worn internally to collect menstrual fluid during your period. The Ruby Cup does not absorb menstrual fluid.
Each Ruby Cup is made from high quality medical-grade silicone, making it a healthy menstrual product. Ruby Cup contains no harmful chemicals, absorbency gels, additives, or perfumes. There are no side effects nor Toxic Shock Syndrome associated with Ruby Cup.

During your period, Ruby Cup is inserted and emptied with a frequency that depends on the heaviness of your menstrual flow. Ruby Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours—which means that the cup does not have to be emptied during an entire school or work day. This allows you to empty, clean, and re-insert the cup in the privacy of your own home. When inserted correctly, Ruby Cup creates a vacuum—or suction—so it does not leak, freeing you from worries of staining your clothes.

Money saving
Buying a Ruby Cup is a one-time investment that can last up to 10 years, if used correctly. 

When you buy a Ruby Cup, you make a positive environmental impact by using a reusable menstrual product.


•The cup should be used only for menstruation
•It is not a contraceptive and must not be used as such
•The cup is yours only - don't share it with anybody else!
•Remember to wash your hands before inserting or emptying the cup
•If you wish to clean your cup, boil it for 5 minutes and it is disinfected
•Never wash the cup in contaminated water - this can cause infections

Ruby Cup is made from medical-grade silicone, a hygienic anti-bacterial material with no side effects. Ruby Bag is made of 100% cotton.

Ruby Cup have a special focus of making Ruby Cup affordable to girls and women in developing countries. In these markets, Ruby Cup is distributed and sold through a network of entrepreneurs in order to create local employment. We work in cooperation with partners on the ground who help us educate and distribute Ruby Cup in their local environments.

At the same time, you can purchase a Ruby Cup online, and directly support Ruby Cup's mission and outreach to the developing markets, while enjoying the great benefits of using Ruby Cup yourself.

Ruby Cup comes in two sizes, small and medium. Ruby Cup small is recommended for a light flow and Ruby Cup Medium for a medium to heavy flow.  

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