Posh and Co Moderate Cloth Pads

Posh and Co

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Posh and Co are available in 4 sizes - 8" Pantyliner, 9" Moderate, 11" Heavy and 13.5" Night.
And 3 styles - Basic (no feature embroidery), Standard (with embroidered design) and hybrid (2 top fabrics and embroidery)

Posh and Co Moderate Pads are for light to regular flow.
Posh & Co is embroidered on one of the wings of the pad, and 9M on the other. 9M to remind you that it is an 9 inch long Moderate Flow Pad.
Top Layer - See Below
Inner Core - 1 layer zorb 2 dimples
Bottom Layer - Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) for waterproofing
The Moderate Pads are 9" long. There are are 2 sets of poppers, the closed width is 2.5" or 3" depending on which popper setting you use.

Available Designs
Aqua Spot - Basic - Cotton with Purple PUL
Lilac Crackle - Standard - Bamboo Flannel with Purple PUL
Stars - Viscose Cotton Jersey with Lilac PUL

Cool machine wash and air dry flat