Merula Menstrual Cup - XL


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Merula Cup XL – The menstrual cup for very heavy bleeding

What distinguishes the Merula Cup XL from most other menstrual cups?

  • It has a very large capacity (up to 50 ml / 1.691 fl oz) with a diameter of 46 mm (1.811 inches). Merula adapts perfectly to your body and is an ideal companion for very heavy bleeding. 
  • From weak to strong pelvic muscles: Merula stays where it belongs. As it can be used collapsed and does not have to open completely, even strong pelvic muscles do not make it lose its shape – literally.
  • The Merula Cup XL offers maximum capacity at a cup height of only 50 mm / 1.969 inches which is roughly equal to 2 average, conventional menstruation cups. As such, the Merula Cup XL fits a medium to high cervix. Thanks to its two-ladder guide stem, it can be ideally adapted to your personal needs. 
  • The Merula Cup XL is suitable for a medium to high cervix. Should your cervix be exceptionally low or if you feel your vagina is exceptionally “tight”, then the Merula Cup XL may be too large for you. In this case, we recommend the Merula Cup “one size” with a capacity of 38 ml (1.285 fl oz).

Diameter of the rim (outside):
46 mm / 1.811 inches

Length - cup only:
50 mm / 1.969 inches

Length to the first ladder:
61 mm / 2.402 inches

Length to the second ladder:
72 mm / 2.835 inches

Capacity to the rim:
50 ml / 1.691 fl. oz.

The Merula XL is available in 4 colours - Strawberry (Pink), Fox (Orange), Midnight (Black) and the Ice (Clear).

 Merula Menstrual Cup Lubricant - 50ml Merula Cupscup

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