Merula Menstrual Cup Lubricant 50ml

Merula Lubricant 50ml


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A water-based lubricant for menstrual cups with panthenol and lactic acid.

Merula Lubricant is a water-based lubricant for menstrual cups specially made to facilitate the insertion of your menstrual cup. Merula Lubricant has a gentle pH value due to the lactic acid, which is ideal for your vaginal flora. Thanks to the nourishing nature of panthenol, frequently changing the menstrual cup, heavy bleeding or simply getting used to inserting the cup are no problem.

Merula Lube makes inserting and positioning your menstrual cup easier, so you feel comfortable during your period. Since menstrual fluid is collected in the cup itself, Merula Lube isn’t flushed out immediately, despite your period, but can remain in the vaginal canal, just under the cup, and continue to keep it comfortably moisturized. Merula Lubricant is recommended for those who are especially sensitive and prone to vaginal dryness and itchiness once bleeding becomes lighter.
Simply apply a bit of Merula Lube to the upper cusp of the mentrual cup inside and out, and insert as usual. If needed, Merula Lube can also be reapplied directly to the vaginal opening or canal just under the menstrual cup for additional moisture.
Merula Lube has been tested for skin- and biocompatibility and is free of glycerin as well as dyes and fragrances. It doesn’t contain any oils, is water-soluble, washable and doesn’t stain. Merula Lubricant is vegan and made in Germany.

Content per tube:
50 ml (1.691 fl. oz.)