MermaidCup Menstrual Cup - Guppy

Cotton Mermaid

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The MermaidCup Guppy range is designed for cup users with medium to low cervix.

A few features include:

- A customizable stem to cater for users with different cervix height

- 360° Beautifully finished with no visible seam line that cuts through the cup

- A variety of beautiful colours to choose from

- 2 sizes to cater for different user groups

  • Size 1 - general guideline, for women below 30 and has not given birth through the vagina
  •             Volume 14ml below air holes and 24ml to the brim, diameter 45mm, cup body 40mm, stem length 24mm

  • Size 2 - general guideline, for women above 30 and/or has given birth through the vagina
  •            Volume 16ml below air holes and 28ml to the brim, diameter 48mm, cup body 40mm, stem length24 mm

The MermaidCup does not come in a box, it will only come in a cotton drawstring pouch and a care card.

A Quality Product by Cotton Mermaid designed in Malaysia, manufactured in China with 100% Imported Japanese (Shin-Etsu) Soft Medical Grade Silicone

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