ImseVimse Washable Tampon Wet Bag with a cotton case


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ImseVimse’s smart tampon storage consists of one Wet bag with a zipper and one organic cotton etui. In the etui, you keep your clean tampons and the used tampons you put in the waterproof wet bag until you get home and can put them in the laundry. You can easily attach the two bags together with a popper and the wet bag has a strap. The bags are reusable, washable and help you keep track of your things.


  • Quantity:
    1 wet bag and 1 case (tampons not included)
  • Sizing:
    Wet Bag – 10,5 cm x 8,5 cm.
    Etui – 8 cm x 8 cm
  • Material: Wet bag (polyurethane laminated polyester, BPA-free (bisphenol A), lead-free and PVC-free (polyvinyl chloride)) Cotton etui (100% organic cotton).
  • Certification: This product is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1
  • Made in Latvia