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Honour Your Flow

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The ultimate cloth pad for the heaviest flow. Fully lined with PUL, which is completely waterproof, and backed with fleece too. It measures 17" in length, 8.5" across the back, 6" across the front and a generous 3" width at your gusset. Open at the bottom with a removable insert - makes drying quicker.

These pads are VERY BIG ! They are 17" long and 3" at the gusset.

Inside the pad you will fInd 2 layers of organic cotton sewn in along the central panel and through the wings, as well as a layer of fully waterproof PUL sewn right through the pad. The pad comes with a removable insert of another 2 layers of organic cotton, making a total of 5 layers of organic cotton for the pad. Machine washable up to 60' and fast drying because you only have 3 layers to dry in any one place. It dries the same as a regular pad. Looks very special too - pretty and oh so soft! Now you can use cloth menstrual pads even for the heaviest flow

This is the ultimate cloth pad for the heaviest flow. This pad will cope with anything! It is made from 5 layers thick organic cotton, fully lined with PUL, which is completely waterproof, and backed with fleece.

Two of the inner layers are stitched into the pad and the other two are stitched together but removable.  You can basically stuff the Mega pads with as many layers as you need, but the pad still dries quickly - clever eh! The pad is flared at the front as well as the back. It is long, wide and thick. This pad is suitable for heavy monthly bleeding, for after childbirth, for heavy night flow,  and is also suitable for heavy incontinence.  Washable up to 60'.

The pad itself is very long, measuring 17 inches (43cm). The width at the front is 6 inches (15cm) and the back is flares out to be a little wider at 8.5 inches (22cm). When the pad is closed it measures 3 inches (8cm) at the gusset.  

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