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The EvaWear period panty is a highly absorbent underwear that can be worn during your period. Stylishly designed with soft, breathable, and comfortable fabric, the EvaWear period panty will keep you sexy and confident throughout your period. Great for all ages!

Depending on your flow, EvaWear can either serve as a replacement for pads and liners or be used as a backup/replacement for tampons or cups.

Please use this product according to your personal needs. Understand your flow and change as often as you need.

*Absorbs approx. 20 ml of fluid, equivalent to about 2 full tampons

Absorbent Protection
EvaWear is leak-proof so you can finally say goodbye to your annoying bathroom trips just to check if you have stains.
And you don’t just wear it on your period. It can actually be worn on regular days or for light incontinence and postpartum recovery.

Carefree Comfort and Style
One of the minor reasons why we get annoyed with undies is the presence of tags. EvaWear is tag less and comfortable so you know you’re wearing the right panties.
EvaWear panty is made from nylon, cotton, and spandex so it’s gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear.

Top Performance Material
EvaWear knickers are a breathable type of panty that is made of a moisture wicking and highly absorbent fabric so you’ll surely stay cool and dry even when you are menstruating or days after your menstruation.
Another impressive feature of EvaWear is it’s hypoallergenic so no more itchy feeling on the skin.

Evawear body fabric made from nylon and spandex, the gusset made from cotton and spandex ,waterproof made from polyurethane laminate.

Regular undies are just regular undies. It does many interesting things your regular undies can’t do to you.
It can be worn with or without tampons or menstrual cups. It absorbs fluids, thus you’re feeling dry even when there’s fluid.

Just because EvaWear is an extraordinary type of panty doesn’t mean that it won’t be stylish.
Style and function should never be compromised especially when it comes to buying the right pants for you.
EvaWear is available in 4 styles - hipster, bikini, brief and boyshort styles. They look simple yet classy, perfect for those women who want to look sexy yet elegant in black.

Machine Washable
While some panties are easily damaged when they are machine washed, EvaWear undrewear is machine washable without damaging the fabric and functions.
This feature is very convenient for ladies who seek convenience during busy times.
EvaWear Menstrual Period Panties provide you with stylish protection when you need it most. They are super absorbent, breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, stretchy and tagless.

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(Please note that these sizes differ to the USA sizes printed on the packaging.)

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