Eco Femme Organic Cloth Pad Starter Kit - 4 pads

Eco Femme Organic Cloth Pad Starter Kit - 4 pads

Eco Femme

  • £27.00

4 pads per pack

Starter Kit is great to get introduced to cloth pads. It includes 1 Pantyliner, 1 Day Pad, 1 Day Pad Plus pad, 1 Night Pad, care instructions/tips and menstrual cycle tracking chart.

With every Starter Kit you purchase, you gift 4 Eco Femme pads to a girl in India through the Eco Femme Pad for Pad program. 

Pad for Pad connects Eco Femme customers and adolescent girls in India through the shared experience of menstruation, respect for our bodies and love for the earth. When women and girls around the world chose to use Eco Femme cloth pads their purchase ensures that other girls, who might not otherwise be able to, get to access clean, alternative menstrual products and answers to their questions. It’s an idea we like to call ‘eco-sisterhood’.

Additional information:

  • 100% organic unbleached Indian cotton
  • Stitched in one piece
  • Top layer: cotton flannel in natural colour
  • Inner layers: 7 layers cotton flannel
  • Back layer: cotton with leakproof PUL in red and white pattern
  • Closes with one nickel-free metal push button
  • 30cm length x 7cm width when closed
Starting to use washable cloth pads can be a big step…The Full Cycle Kit is a great way of discovering the world of washable cloth pads, with a set of different pads to adapt to your flow. It can also make a great gift to welcome young ladies into adulthood. 

We donate £1.00 from each pad sold, back to Eco Femme, which will pay for a cloth pad for someone in India, helping them to continue their valuable work.

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