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Cuplee Menstrual Cups with a linen pouch and instructions.

CupLee menstrual cup is a special cup manufactured of medical silicone only and is designed to be inserted into the vagina. You are safe with the CupLee menstrual cup for at least twelve hours. Menstrual blood is stored in the cup so your underwear is absolutely clean. A silicone cup doesn’t cause unforeseen problems such as a tampon’s tail soiling your underwear in certain cases.

Silicone cups, unlike tampons never prevent natural moistening of vaginal walls. They do not leave microfibres on the vaginal walls which are the cause of harmful microflora progress. Silicone cups do not disturb natural defense mechanisms.

There are no known cases of toxic shock caused by a menstrual cups registered so far.

This is safe and hygienic alternative to tampons or towels.

The shape of the CupLee menstrual cup is designed by our specialists so that you can use it with great simplicity and comfort. The surface of the cup is absolutely smooth that provides easy maintenance and hygiene of the cup.

CupLee menstrual cup will bring you confidence and comfort.

To insert the cup:

You need to boil the CupLee menstrual cup thoroughly before its first use. Alternatively, you can use special sterilizing solution.

Wash your hands carefully, take the cup and fold it in one of the many ways.

Accurately introduce the cup into the vagina. You should insert it with slight inclination (along the line to coccyx), but not vertically. Allow the cup to fully unfold and adjoin the walls. If you are not sure that the cup is unfolded, you should run your finger along the cup to examine whether it is placed correctly.

It is better to conduct all the necessary operations with the cup while sitting and in fully relaxed condition, at least for a start. Consider some training in inserting and disposing the cup between menstruations to choose the most comfort position. This procedure will become common for you and won’t cause any problems. You may use special lubricating water-based gel or just water to facilitate the process of introducing the CupLee cup.

The Cuplee menstrual cup holds a great amount of fluid. You need to empty it 2-4 times a day, depending on your menstrual flow.

You must empty the cup after the night time use. The maximum time for continual use is 12 hours.

In order to remove the CupLee you need to find the base of the cup. Press slightly on the bottom to weaken the vacuum and gently pull the cup out. If you have problems removing the cup, just place your finger between the cup and the vaginal wall. It breaks the pressure and the cup can be easily removed.

Measurements - Small
Internal Diameter - 42mm
External Diameter - 47mm
Stem Length - 21mm
Body Length - 47mm
Total length -68mm
Capacity to the holes - 14.75ml
Capacity to the rim - 20ml

Measurements - Large
Internal Diameter - 47mm
External Diameter - 47mm
Stem Length - 17mm
Body Length - 53mm
Total length - 70mm
Capacity to the holes - 20ml
Capacity to the rim - 29ml

Cuplee Menstrual Cups are packaged in a bag with a pouch. The instructions are included but are in Russia.

They are made in Russia.

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