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Louloucup Menstrual Cups


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Louloucup is an ultra soft bell-shaped menstrual cup. It collects your blood instead of absorbing it and offers you a feeling of comfort and freedom that tampons and pads do not offer!

It adapts perfectly to the moves of your body and you even forget that you are having your period.

Invisible, reusable, and ecologically friendly, you save money every month while reducing your environmental impact.

Healthy, reliable and comfortable
Our menstrual cup is manufactured in France using the best medical silicone and under strict hygiene conditions. Our menstrual cup is hypoallergenic. It is phthalate free, bisphenol A free, latex free and fragrance-free.

Its sleek design offers you an absolute comfort. Our menstrual cup does not have a ring or external grips that can be irritating or cause discomfort.

Easy to use:Fold, insert and enjoy 12 hours of freedom
Louloucup is specially designed to be extremely easy to use and to limit leaks. It offers you an optimal protection for up to 12 hours.

Easy to use and clean thanks to its unique design and wider holes.

Louloucup menstrual cups do not cause vaginal dryness, like tampons.

Louloucup is designed for active women. You can run, dance, swim, do yoga or any other sporting activity. You can even sleep with your menstrual cup.

Diameter 42mm
Length 45mm
Stem 25mm
Capacity 25ml

Diameter 46mm
Length 50mm
Stem 20mm
Capacity 30ml

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