Intimina Monthly Spa Tablet

Intimina Monthly Spa Tablet


  • £1.95

Soothing bath during your period

Intimina's Monthly Spa Tablet is a soothing effervescent bath tablet ideal for those discomforting days of menstruation. Infused with calming aloe vera to nourish and restore the skin, this milky bath formula gives your body the total care you need during this special time of the month. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, this cleansing bath is the ultimate spa experience in your own home.
Whether after a long day of work or a day spent relaxing, a monthly period leaves all women feeling in need of extra care.
That's why Intimina Monthly Spa Tablet is the perfect drug-free solution for a feeling of relief, freshness, and comfort.
Let the hydrating formula moisturize and soothe your skin while delicate aromas lull you to complete relaxation.
•  Soothing comfort during your period
•  Enriched with aloe vera
•  Soap-free and paraben-free

How to Use
Dissolve one effervescent tablet into warm water and unwind in the delicate milk bath.