Super Jennie Menstrual Cups

Super Jennie

  • £23.50 

Super Jennie menstrual cup is FDA Registered

Made in USA facility that have stringent quality control measures in place

Made with 100% U.S. FDA approved medical-grade silicone

Comes with guarantee of quality and safety, as it is Made in USA

Comfortable and extremely hygienic with minimal chances of leakage

Easy to insert and remove

The Super Jennie is packaged in a bag, with a storage pouch.

Cup length  - small 62.5mm / large 68mm 
Internal Diameter - small 33.4mm / large 36.5mm 
External Diameter - small 43mm / large 47mm 
Capacity - small 32ml / large 41.61ml

Super Jennie Measurements Cup Length (excluding stem) Cup Length (including stem) Stem Length Internal Diameter External Diameter Capacity  Material
Small 47.5mm 62.5mm 15mm 33.4mm 43mm 32ml Silicone
Large 52mm 68mm 16mm 36.5mm 47mm 41.61ml Silicone

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