NaturalMamma Menstrual Cups


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One size menstrual cup designed to fit before and after childbirth.

What is it?
The NaturalMamma menstrual cup is a silicone container in the shape of an inverted bell, which is worn inside the vagina during menstruation instead of tampons or sanitary towels and used to collect menstrual blood.

A NaturalMamma menstrual cup lasts for about 10 years.

Reduce environmental impact: Tampons and non-recyclable waste are not easily disposed of;
Economic: costs little and lasts ten years. The cost can be recouped in less than a year;
Allergens: the best cups on the market are certified for women with an allergy to latex, rubber or other factors;
It's convenient: can be used when travelling and sport ...
It's packaging is not bulky and is usually sold together with a cotton bag for transportation;
Healthier: it does not absorb the vaginal mucus and does not alter the natural flora inside the vagina. It can therefore be worn for longer.

NaturalMamma Cup Measurements
Cup Length (excluding stem) - 56mm
Stem Length - 15mm
Diameter - 44mm
Capacity to the holes - 27ml
Capacity to the rim ml - 33ml
Diameter: 44mm. Length 56mm (add 15mm to the stem)

NaturalMamma menstrual cups come in a drawstring bag, with instructions.

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