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One size menstrual cup designed to fit before and after childbirth.

What is it?
A silicone container in the shape of an inverted bell, which is worn inside the vagina during menstruation instead of tampons or sanitary towels and used to collect menstrual flow.
A menstrual cup lasts for about 10 years.

Instructions for use
Before handling the menstrual cup is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly. Usually it is advisable to disinfect the cup before use by immersing it for about 5 minutes in boiling water. To facilitate the insertion can moisten the cup with water or possibly using a water-based lubricant (which in most cases, however, is unnecessary).
The cup should then be folded: There are several methods and each can choose what feels most comfortable.
When entering you must be completely relaxed and choose a comfortable position (sitting, squatting or standing). The cup should be placed in the middle of the vaginal tract and then pushed into position near the cervix and behind the pubic bone: if inserted properly tends to position itself properly and remains in the right position thanks to the vaginal muscles.
At first use is often necessary to cut a part of the stem, to shorten or eliminate it. The fact the most appropriate length depends from woman to woman.
To empty the cup you have to press the edges to let some 'air and releasing it to the suction effect. It should also be allowed to slip, and finally extracted from the vagina.

When empty the menstrual cup?
Obviously depends on the intensity flow. Typically every 3-4 times a day, even less in the last days of the cycle. You can use it without any problems even at night.
After removing it from the vagina to be emptied into the toilet or sink, washed, and can also be reinserted immediately. If you are unable to wash, you can use some clean tissues.

Reduce environmental impact: tampons and non-recyclable waste are not easily disposed of;
economic costs little and lasts ten years. The cost can be recouped in less than a year;
allergens: the best cups on the market are certified for women with an allergy to latex, rubber or other factors;
It's convenient: can be used when travelling and sport ...
It's packaging is not bulky and is usually sold together with a cotton bag for transportation;
more healthy: it does not absorb the vaginal mucus and does not alter the natural flora inside the vagina. It can therefore be worn for longer.

Naturalmamma Cup Measurements
Cup Length (excluding stem) - 56mm
Stem Length - 15mm
Diameter - 44mm 

Capacity to the holes - 27ml
Capacity to the rim ml - 33ml

Diameter: 44mm. Length 56mm (add 15mm to the stem)

Naturalmamma menstrual cups come in a drawstring bag, with instructions

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