MyOwnCup Menstrual Cups

MyOwnCup Menstrual Cups


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How about an alternative sanitary product that is hygienic, uncomplicated, safe, eco-friendly and cost effective?

The world is changing and so are women's views on out-dated sanitary products. Using MyOwnCup is a fresh way to be part of this change.

Your MyOwnCup will keep up with your busy and active lifestyle. No need to change it several times a day and it can be worn safely and effectively whilst participating in any sport. No strings attached. Your MyOwnCup is no more difficult to insert than a conventional tampon. Your fears will soon disappear as you discover the many benefits and comfort of your MyOwnCup.

Made from 100% medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Hypoallergenic, biocompatible & approved by the FDA Contains NO latex, silicone or rubber Contains NO bleach, deodorant or absorbing gels Non-absorbent & contains no fibres and is therefore hypoallergenic. It is reusable for up to 5 years, easily cleaned and sterilised. 

With tampons, fibres can be left in the vagina upon removal and its absorbency can dry out the important mucous membranes. Pads create a moist environment for bacteria causing yeast infections, irritation and odour. Your MyOwnCup is more sanitary because it does not disrupt the natural lubricating ability of the vagina or interfere with the natural process of shedding mensrual blood, dead cells and bacteria.
Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but fatal disease cause by a particular type of bacteria that can produce toxins in the body. Menstrual TSS has been linked to the use of super-absorbants and synthetics in tampons.

Apart from the disposable issues of conventional sanitary products, the materials initially used to make these products come from forest that have been ravaged by large pulping companies. The large scale ripping up of trees from logging devastates the landscape, destroys wildlife habitat and destroys the ecology of the soil leading to erosion and the eventual desolation of landscapes.

The MyOwnCup menstrual Cup comes packaged in a cute & discreet reusable container MyownCup proudly supports The Inkululeko Project - 
The Inkululeko Project meaning “Freedom” addresses the issue absenteeism of female learners. Girls are missing up to 50 days of school a year due to lack of sanitary products. Providing girls with a MyownCup provides them with a sustainable re-usable sanitary solution. By using MyownCup, girls are not ostracized by peers, and no longer have to use unhygienic ways to keep themselves dry or resort to degrading methods of raising funds to buy disposable sanitary products.
By being able to attend school with confidence, girls will be given a better opportunity to be able to complete their education and achieve better grades thus making it possible to be uplifted from poverty and reach their full potential.
Funding received will be used to provide all female learners and educators at a nominated school with a MyownCup as well as basic necessary information on feminine hygiene.
The Inkululeko Projects goal is to reach 1000 schools in South Africa.

My Own Cup Measurements
Cup Length (excluding stem) - 47mm
Cup length (including stem) - 65mm
Stem Length - 18mm
Internal Diameter - 38mm 

External Diameter - 45mm 
Capacity to the holes - 15ml

Capacity to the rim ml - 25ml

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