Miu Menstrual Cups


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The Miu Menstrual Cup is made in France from 100% medical grade silicone and reusable for each period.

It is inserted into the vagina, a little lower than a tampon, to collect your menstrual flow. It does not absorb the flow, which improves your vaginal flora and reduces dryness.

The pink Minote Miu menstrual cups are the softest, an ideal choice for beginners.
The blue Mariote Miu menstrual cups are firmer. Suitable for active women, with a better holding thanks to the intermediate firmness. 

Size small is for light flow, size large is for medium to heavy flow.

Made from Medical grade platinum-catalysed silicone.

Each Miu cup comes in a box with a pouch and instructions.

Diameter 41.3mm
Length of the body 44mm
Length including the stem 60mm
Capacity 18 ml

Diameter 46mm
Length of the body 50mm
Length including the stem 65.6mm
Capacity 27 ml

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