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There are 4 normal sizes of Me Luna Menstrual Cups and now 4 SHORTY sizes.
Shorty Small, Medium, Large and XL have the same diameter as normal Me Luna Menstrual Cups. But, they are shorter, the length is 30% shorter than the normal Me Luna Menstrual Cups.

Me Luna menstrual cups are made in Germany. They are small, cup like sanitary products - an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads or sanitary towels. They are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer, also known as TPE.

The Me Luna Soft menstrual cup has been specifically developed for women who are particularly sensitive. In this case, it is sometimes worthwhile using a very soft material and spending more time inserting and correctly unfolding the menstrual cup. In some cases, women who are particularly sensitive to pressure and pain as a result of ureteritis require a very soft menstrual cup.

The Me Luna Classic menstrual cup is medium-soft and suitable for most women. This cup is is pleasantly soft, but still firm enough to ensure that your menstrual cup can unfold after it is inserted.

The Me Luna Sport menstrual cup is for women whose athletic fitness is above average, or who have well-toned pelvic floor muscles. Some sports and exercises have a strong effect on the pelvic floor muscles. These include, in particular: yoga, horse riding, pilates, weight training, kegel exercises, pole dancing. If you practice any of the exercises and sports listed above, then you should choose Me Luna Sport. Also for women who are slim, of normal physical fitness, under 25 and have not given birth. You can generally assume that your pelvic floor muscles are still in good shape! Also for any woman with normal muscle tone who likes a menstrual cup to unfold easily and quickly.

Dimensions - Shorty Small
Diameter 38mm
Length 35mm without stem.
Capacity to the holes 8ml
Capacity to the rim 15ml

Each menstrual cup comes in a box or bag with a Me Luna purple microfibre bag and instructions.

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