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The AmyCup Menstrual Cup is a soft 100% nonallergic platinum silicone cup, reusable during your menstrual period.
Placed inside the vagina, it collects the flow instead of absorbing it.
  •     it is ecologically reusable. A menstrual cup can be used for several years
  •     it is economica because you buy it once.
  •     it is safe. All extremely high quality antiallergic and anti-toxic materials are in compliance with the most stringent international standards, such as Iso 10093-9 and 10093-10.
  •     it is hygienic. The vacuum or suction effect that is created once the menstrual cup is inserted avoids any leakage of fluids and that liquids or external bacteria entering the vagina.
It is important to familiarize yourself with AmyCup and spend a few minutes of your time learning how to use it. First, the AmyCup must be sterilized before the first use, boiling for 3 minutes in water.
You can conveniently carry the AmyCup in your bag and use it at your own pace and promptly at the earliest hints of your cycle appearing.

AmyCup is available in 2 sizes - small and medium. Choose small if you are under the age of 30, medium if you are over 30 years old or have given birth.

How to use AmyCup
Once inside the vaginal walls AmyCup opens and sits lower than a tampon and can be used safely while sleeping,  doing physical activity, even in water, or traveling.
To learn how to insert and remove the menstrual cup you have to practice trying to be relaxed. With repeated use it will become easier.

    1. Sterilize AmyCup before using it at each start of the cycle, making it boil for about 3 minutes in a normal full-bodied pot (just like sterilizing a baby bottle).
    2. Carefully wash your hands with lukewarm water and neutral soap.

Cleaning and maintenance
If you carefully handle AmyCup will last for years.
It is very important to wash it regularly with mild soap and warm water between your menstrual cycles, making sure you have eliminated any soap residue to avoid vaginal irritation.

After washing AmyCup, always place it in its practical bag supplied.

  •     AmyCup should not be used during sexual intercourse
  •     AmyCup does not eliminate the risk of pregnancy
  •     AmyCup does not prevent the risk of sexually transmitted diseases
The Amy Cup Menstrual Cup is packaged in a box with a storage bag and instructions

Measurements - Small
Diameter - 40mm
Total length -66mm
Capacity - 18ml

Measurements - Medium
Diameter - 48mm
Total length - 72mm
Capacity - 24ml

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